Beyond Human Entry

This piece was done in about 7 weeks for the Beyond Human level art challenge run by ArtStation. It was based off the awesome concept by Ilya Dykov, which you can find here

I first broke the scene down into manageable chunks and planned what I would need to make. I started grey-boxing to figure out scale and to recreate the shot from the concept, then began working those rough models up one at a time. I used a spline system to create the cables. The textures were done primarily in Substance suite and Photoshop, before being iterated upon slightly with decals inside the engine. To match the lighting I used a cold blue directional light with some atmospheric fog, then some warm orange spot lights casting out from the doors and windows to create a nice contrast. Lastly I used post-processing to clean it up.

Joseph bamber 001

Final Shot 1

Joseph bamber 002

Final Shot 2

Joseph bamber 003

Final Shot 3

Joseph bamber process

Process GIF

Joseph bamber mats


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