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Space Train Post #03 - Everything Since Then

General / 05 April 2018

At the point where the last blog post left off I was ready to flesh out this scene a little more with some new modular assets and then finish up with a round of polish. So to save time as the deadline is pretty close, I duplicated the carriage I'd already made and built an airlock module to connect them. To make it so they weren't identical I then replaced the door at the end of the second carriage with a large window so that you can get some nice scenic views of space. I figured it'd be nice to get some movement into the scene, so I built the window with large shutters and quickly animated them using UE4's level sequence.

Another Idea I had was to use this as an opportunity to experiment with a different lighting scenario. I thought it'd be cool if different carriages ran on different time zones so that passengers can acclimatise to whatever planet they're travelling to before they arrive. In this new carriage, it's night time, so I replaced all my bright blues and greens with some calmer colours. Darker blues and much more orange and purple. I really like how this carriage looks, I'm pretty pleased with it. 

The night setting gave rise to a few ideas of things to include, all I've gotten in so far is the 'Please keep quiet' signs. This finally gave me a reason to have those ugly dividers across the ceiling other than to hide light map seams haha.

I just used a pretty simple shader setup with fresnel to create the glass, then I used a bump offset to make the emissive text appear as if it were inside the glass on the surface. I think there's a lot more I can do with this effect. some stepping or something the text could look nice, but for now I'm happy with it. 

From there I've basically just been adding small elements that flesh out the scene a bit more. The one I sunk the most time into was this little robot guy. I figured every hotel needs someone to keep it clean and as I'm not a character artist and it's set in the future I thought it'd be fun to make a robot. I didn't want anything to complex, and I loved the idea of a wet floor sign that just goes about of it's own accord and cleans up spills. 

This isn't mine, this is what I stumbled across when I was doing research. I should've known I wasn't the first to think it up haha. It's called the Hurricone, which is amazing. I used this as a jumping off point for my design and sci-fi'd it up a bit. I didn't have that much time to work on it so it's not really finished to the level I would like, it's mostly flat colours and the roughness needs a lot of work as well. I'm happy with how the bake came out however, I finally updated my Maya so playing around the new UV editor was fun. 

And here he is in the scene. I think he's pretty cute to be honest even if he's not finished. I aim to get a little bvit of animation going on him, even if he's just bobbing up and down. 

Anyways that's most of what Iv'e been up to. There's a few odd bits I've skipped over, I've been doing some decal stuff here and there and filling in some of the previously empty screens.