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Roman Villa Post #06 - Trim Sheet

General / 10 March 2018

So it's worth mentioning that at this point I actually scrapped a lot of the meshes and modular pieces I'd had previously in an effort to decrease the workload. I wasn't really happy about doing this but I knew it would give me more time to focus on the smaller assets that will eventually fill the room up.

Having cut back the number of individual meshes I was able to finish up the the base texturing using the materials I had made, the only thing left to do was to make the trim sheet and apply it to fill in the gaps. I'd blocked out the trim sheet a while ago when I was unwrapping all my assets so I knew exactly where the various patterns would be going, I just had to fill them in essentially. 

This is the blockout I made early on for the trim sheet. I roughed out a bunch of tile shapes in Maya, of various sizes and arrangements, then baked it down to a plane to get this mask. I then took that mask into designer and began building up each distinct tile variant, treating each one as a separate substance. 

Once I started working into the texture, I did end up changing some things around and got rid of patterns that weren't likely to be used. 

This is what i ended up with. I decided to leave some space in case I want to add anything, hasn't happened yet but there's still time.