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Roman Villa Post #04 - Texel Density

General / 10 March 2018

So one of my main goals with this project was to work more efficiently and cleanly than I had in the past. A big part of this was keeping proper texel density and using tiling materials that I had created in Substance Designer, as opposed to bespoke textures made in Painter.

Once I wrapped my head around matching the UV grid to the view port grid and also discovered Maya's new texel density tool, this wasn't really an issue. I also realised that I wasn't bound by the 0,1 UV grid so long as I wasn't making bespoke textures, which is an important milestone for every new environment artist I think haha. 

I kept this up whilst unwrapping all of my meshes, and used a grid texture inside UE4 so that I could spot any mistakes. 

No I'd UV'd everything i could finally start making some materials. I'd been staring at grey boxes for too damn long and I needed to see some colour!