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Roman Villa Post #05 - Materials

General / 10 March 2018

I made all of these materials in Designer at different points in the project and I may very well make more before the deadline is up. For simplicity's sake, I'll just dump all the ones I've made so far into a single post. These materials were used to texture a large majority of the architecture in the scene, then I had a trim sheet with some more detailed tile work and mosaics to break up the repetition and to add some small pockets of detail. 

In some cases, such as the Stucco, I imported them to UE4 using the Substance plug in so that I could create a few different instances to get more out of just a single material. I love using parameters in Designer to make my materials as editable as possible, it's one of the reasons I enjoy the package so much. 

The marble tile was the first material I made for this project, thanks to Derk Elshof for letting me have a look at his graph which gave me some really good insight into how to go about it. As it was the first to get made, it was the first to get put into the scene, and it's also the only one I though to take some screenshots of as I was implementing it :/ 

Doesn't look too hot there but it gets better once I start adding proper lighting. That'll do it for materials up to now, they'll probably just start popping up in the scene from now on as I began to use them.