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Space Train Post #01 - Gathering Reference

General / 11 March 2018

This is another university project I started working on over the Christmas holiday. My portfolio was devoid of any sci-fi stuff so I figured that was a good direction to head in. I found out about how Star Citizen were handling their environments and a few other games as well, using mesh decals and slightly higher poly counts to mimic a high poly to low poly workflow without the need to bake a normal map. This caught my interest so I decided to run with it.

My idea was to make a passenger ship that was sort of half train half hotel. It ended up being more hotel but there's still some train like aspects to it. I'ts split into a long chain of carriages for instance. 

For my reference I was looking a lot at luxury travel, by train or cruise ship, to see how they used space efficiently to fit in as many passengers as possible. 

TV & Film

I always like to look at what people have been able to accomplish in TV and film, especially for things that don't really exist outside of fiction. in this case I looked at a lot of Star Wars (the Empire's architecture in particular) and 2001: A Space Odyssey for inspiration. I wanted to make a fairly luxurious passenger ship so clean sci-fi made the most sense. 


Looking at other games is always important, especially in my case where I'm trying to mimic the workflow of other games. The three main ones I looked at to begin with were Star Citizen, Prey and Alien: Isolation. Art style wise I was thinking of aiming more towards Prey because I love Arkane's work and I thought the colour scheme they had for a lot of their environments would suit mine well too. 

Star Citizen 


Alien: Isolation