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Roman Villa Post #08 - Fabric

General / 11 March 2018

This will be the last post before I'm caught up to the present, from here on out it will mostly be just prop work and polish. 

Fabric was something I'd wanted to have in this scene since the beginning. Banners fluttering in the breeze lend some life to the scene and the curtains between the centre columns work as a nice framing device. The curtains were just made in Marvellous Designer, retopologised in Zbrush and Maya, then textured in Substance Painter. They're actually way too high poly at the minute, pushing 50,000, so I might have to revisit them and try a different tact, but for now they'll serve. 

The banners were made in the same way I made the foliage. Modelled in Maya then baked to a plane. I textured them in Substance Painter  and then utilised UE4s cloth paint system to get them to billow about. This works kind of like weight painting and then there's a set of parameters that can be tweaked to determine how they act in the scene. The animation is all procedural so I really didn't have to do much.