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Roman Villa Post #02 - Blocking Out

General / 10 March 2018

Here I started playing around in UE4 and walking about the scene to try and get the layout and scale sorted, I wasn't really thinking too much about feasibility at this point, and I was trying too hard to shoehorn a modular system into it when it probably would have been easier to just make custom assets in some cases. Regardless once I had a blockout I was beginning to like, I found some angles that I thought would make for nice shots and rendered out some screenshots to scribble over. Obviously I didn't have a concept artist and although I don't mind painting I didn't want to spend any real time just bashing out ideas for how the room might look, so they were pretty messy but it helped me visualise the scene which is all that matters.

That was pretty much it for the blocking out phase, onto the next post!